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 Nikola Tesla quotes have changed my thinking
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Posted - March 22 2018 :  11:02:44  Show Profile Send IrishDave a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hello Folks.

Been a while since I have posted, but I felt I wanted share my story with others here.

It has been 9 years since I first researched free energy. I never thought for one minute that it could change my life and beliefs, but it has.

I was on the teep forums with many of the members here before we came to IAEC. Like many others, it was Bedini's circuits that drew my attention. It was not long before I was researching Nikola Tesla.

As anyone that has researched Tesla knows, he called Einstien's theory of gravity 'a magnificent mathematical garb'
This confused me as to why and I decided to do some further research on the subject.
Tesla also claimed there would never be a use for satellites as signals bounce back off the 'firmament'.
Growing up in Ireland in the 1970's, I was well aware of the story of creation in Genesis and what the firmament was. It was part of my schooling.

To add to this, Tinman posted a video on this forum (sorry I can't remember the heading to find it now, but I would imagine his post is still here). The video was CGI and showed animation of the earth circling the Sun on its journey through space. The video also showed the sun circling in the milky way, the milky way circling through the solar system and the solar system circling through the universe.

I have never once believed that we spin at 1,000 miles an hour.
To believe that we are moving through space at over 670 million miles an hour as the video claimed, was just one of the funniest things I had ever seen. I have since spoken to numerous people that believe this without any evidence to support such a claim.

As an amateur astronomer, I know the north star is in the same place every night -
I have a friend who gets motion sickness at just over 50 mph - so he can travel at 670 million miles and hour and gets sick at 670m and 50 miles?

This all took me down a rabbit hole for over a year, with research day after day, along with some family and friends who offered to help.

Over the last year I have discovered a number of things not only through research, but through real life testing.
I first discovered that some people around me suffer with cognitive dissonance. I did not even know what that was until I spotted a pattern emerging when talking to people.

First up is just a little reminder - Theory means Zero proof.

Many of our children/grandchildren are being wrongly informed as to where we came from.

They are thought about 'the big bang' theory as to how it all started. then they are thought the theory that we came from apes. Then the theory that we live in a spinning ball, followed by the theory of gravity so we don't fly off at 670 million mph.

No scientific test has ever shown us to move even one inch.
Curvature of the earth has never been tested.
There are zero real pictures from any of the space agencies showing where we live - yes folks it is all cgi that we get to see.
NASA has lost every piece of info (14k reels of data) that we have ever passed the van allen belts.
The stars in the sky are the same as they have always been.
All tests to prove a globe work on other geometric shapes.
There has been over 50 eclipses of the moon recorded while both sun and moon have been in the sky at the same time.
There is no proof that the moon and sun are the distances away from earth that NASA claims.
Gravity can be explained as density.
Long distance flight plans show something is wrong.
The p900 nikon camera with its zoom, can bring things back into view when they look like they have gone over a horizion.
NASA use fish eye lens to show us pics taken from high altitude which results in a curve. - High altitude balloons without fish eye lens show a flat horizon that rises to eye level.
In 2015 scientists proved we are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us (domcumentary The Principle shows the facts)
In 1998 Darwin's theory was debunked, when his tests were proven to be faked.

As I mentioned, I have done some testing of my own -
This was the final proof I needed to confirm my research...
I loaded a spirit level app onto both my phone and my wife's.
In Dublin airport, we placed both phones on the floor of the departures and calibrated them. We flew to NJ (usa) and again placed both our phones on the floor of the arrivals terminal and switched them on. As I expected, both showed to be exactly level. We then flew to Orlando and tested them again - still level.
I purchased an android tablet in Orlando and loaded up a different spirit level app, calibrated it in the departures of the airport, retested all 3 apps in NJ and then again when we returned to Dublin airport. Each time they showed the earth to be the same level at each place.

It is claimed that the circumference of the earth is 40,075km.
The distance I traveled from Dublin to Orlando is 6,535km.
Traveling that distance should have shown all spirit level apps to have changed if we lived on a ball, but yet it remained the same.
I also had a mini spirit level with me on the plane and we flew straight and level all the way from Dublin. The flight plan on the headrest showed us turning when in reality it did not happen.
There are many other proofs which I won't cover here but can also be found easily online.

I believe Nikola Tesla was correct about Einstien and his theories.
Einstien's theory came from mixing a number of theories together to cover the true shape of where we live as the Michelson–Morley experiment of 1897 (and others since) showed we do not move.

Funny to see the latest background here as I believe NASA lied about passing beyond the van allen belts. Also, where was that buggy attached for the landing on the moon?

I also believe the spinning ball model turns people away from their creator, making them believe that we are insignificant on the grand scale of things, when we are all special and living at the center of the universe.

I now believe what I see, and refuse to believe anything told by man without scientific evidence to back it up.

All this may seem too unbelievable for many to believe as we have been indoctrinated from early childhood to defend what we have been told, instead of realizing that we have been lied to.

I know many people here will know about the cover up of free energy and suppression. Is it that hard to believe there are more cover-ups?

Anyway, I hope some of you found my story interesting and something to think about. I hope my beliefs will be respected and that any replies will be of questions and thoughts.

For those of you who do not know me and think I am probably crazy, Take a look at what the experts say - The following video may shock you as the results as to what we live on comes to light in a few days time.

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Mark Twain Quote -

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Posted - March 29 2018 :  09:52:15  Show Profile Send IrishDave a Private Message  Reply with Quote
As of 9am (GMT) today, The globe and gravity have been busted.
They even mention the possibility of new energies.
NASA lied to us.

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Posted - April 12 2018 :  06:03:17  Show Profile Send TimberJack a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by IrishDave

As of 9am (GMT) today, The globe and gravity have been busted.
They even mention the possibility of new energies.

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NASA lied to us...well it stands for Never A Straight Answer so whatcha

Thanks for the flat earth links, i'm gonna watch them while eating a flat pancake or two...;-)

***Possibilities Within The Impossible***

Edited by - TimberJack on April 12 2018 06:14:21
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