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 HHO and Water
 HHO - Let's get inspired again
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Posted - June 24 2012 :  11:37:30  Show Profile  Visit Jet's Homepage Send Jet a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi all,

I was checking how much Gasoline it would cost me for a small trip the other day. Something I never did before.
I usually just fuel up and go, Who cares, Hey!
Well I was surprised how expensive it was just for the gas alone. It's time for each of us to take action.

No action is better put together without a good plan.
Here I write a bunch of stuff, that is all based on the three videos I have enclosed below.
It is my hope that everyone will appreciate this set of three videos.

This man is giving all the necessary details to get a One liter, 3 cylinders engine to run on 100% HHO.
This particular HHO work is done on a Geo Metro that is carbureted, not EFI.

A side note: I Know EFI, can be done as well. It is actually simple. First take a deep breath.
One approach here, is unplugging the injectors, and running the whole engine through the air intake,
just like the old days. A tip here is the main purpose of EFI is to control the injectors.
So if you unplugged them the computer cannot affect anything else.

The sensors are there to sense, lol. the EFI does not control air, if yours does, unplug it, that's all.
Now EFI is out of he way. If your interested, let me know, I'll show you a kid that is doing that.
But I digress here. lol, Let's go back to our carb Geo !

If you pay attention, he gives details such as;

1. Timing, changed to Top Dead Centre, TDC.

2. Closing air intake to 100%, to prevent lost of HHO, 75% lost (on most design).

3. Idles at 5 liter per minute, that's done by changing the timing to TDC.
To drive it well you need 6 to 12 liters per minutes. All doable. lol

4. The Geo can run with two 200 amp alternator running full time at 100 amp each.
That is one cell with 5 electrode, each electrode needs 20 amps.
It's enough to generate the HHO needed for it to run 100% on HHO.

5. The required pressure. On demand and not.
Why most fail because they let the HHO escape by not totally enclosing air intake.
You have to cut off the ambient air coming from outside.
HHO has it's own air or oxygen supply.
That's what the engine take from the gas that constitute the AIR, it takes oxygen. lol
Most loose their HHO in the open air intake design, or lack of proper design, or knowledge. lol

6. That is another important key. A scuba gear gas pressure regulator adjust the required engine HHO demand.
Keeping the HHO generator separate from the engine.
40 PSI is kept on the HHO gen. when it reaches that level it HHO stops and thus, saves power.
The other benefit is that there is no lost, and the engine takes only what it need.
Is it safe? It is just as safe as any other compressed system.
Anything done correctly and used correctly is safe. lol.

7. This Geo does not start on HHO, but Gas.
It is my view that a very small canister, compressed below 20 PSI would be adequate to start the car.
That small bottle could be kept filled up automatically,once the car is running.

8. Off course I must include here.
You must have one or more flash back arrestor in the HHO line between the engine and HHO Gen.
If you do not, you will have an explosion. There is a lot of documentation on this.
On a side note. This forum is for thinkers.
Everyone knows that they are totally responsible for what they do.
Everything documented her is freely shared, and is done kindly. lol

9. The most important.
This is real.
It is posted here to drive to point home.

10. The price of gas has become ridiculous.
It's going to keep climbing. I rarely take my car, anymore.
I will when I runs it on water. I'll take a trip across the world. lol
Joke aside, I will be doing a similar thing. Possibly next summer.
I'm focusing on Don's Smith's work at this time.

The man on the videos gives many other details and tips for free.
The man is in business for himself, Advance Tech Engineering.
He does give all the required knowledge for free.
Another individual, Daniel Dingle from the Philippines also runs his car that way.

In summary, Every little things are important.
Others have spent countless hours testing in their private garages. The least we can do.
Is prove it to our self. The rest of what you need is well published and free, out there on the web.

Here are the 3 videos
Let me know if you seen this and if this was helpful.


Edited by - Jet on June 26 2012 16:30:40

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Posted - June 24 2012 :  14:17:55  Show Profile Send msmjr a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hey Jet
Yes I agree we need to find an alternative or at least a suppliment to fuel cost, everything cost for that matter. Ive just started planing out my new HHO generator and have been looking for suitable donor cars and parts (this has turned me into a scavenger elite). But I dont want to need a truck to carry all the equipment. LOL Wish I could find an old diesel VW Rabbit still in good shape. rots of ruck....and rust. I like the idea of a Bio diesel and HHO.
One thing he said that confused me was the amp draw, 100amps continuous, cooling would be a bigger problem than a tank of water. Anyway I cant wait to modify something.

Growing old is mandatory, Growing up......optional.
He is wise who gains wisdom from another's mishaps.
—Plutius Syrus
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Posted - June 24 2012 :  16:05:30  Show Profile  Visit Jet's Homepage Send Jet a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by msmjr

Hey Jet
Yes I agree we need to find an alternative or at least a suppliment to fuel cost ...

Hi msmjr

I'm glad someone is being active towards that goal. I personally have a little investment into it. A 3.5HP generator. a 200 amp Magnet alternator, a 500 amp truck generator as well. All I need now is a bit of more money to get going on that. lol

at the latest next summer, I will be testing all that on a this gas gen first. If it's like he said. I will move to a cheap used vehicle, than to my own car, that is is fairly new.

When we all pitch in our knowledge and experience, we can have a quick viable solution, right here on this forum.

You asked about the cooling required because of the 100 amp draw. A 200 Amp alternator, can source 100 amp all the time. The guy in the video, explains that; he uses a 5 cell unit. Each cell requires 20 amps for a total 100 amps.

He also mentioned using 2 alternator for a 2 HHO units of 5 cells each. If you have two generator running, then each one can supply 100 amps. This way your not taxing your alternators and they last longer.

The rest of the cooling as you see he bathes the HHO unit in the water. When one uses heavy size cables, proper choices of electronic components, heating is not an issue.

On your other comment, I like bio diesel as well. Specially the one you make from algae.

What does your nickname msmjr stands for?

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Posted - June 26 2012 :  18:31:22  Show Profile Send msmjr a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hey Jet
The heat I was refering to was in the HHO cell its self. At a full 20 amps mine reached close to 200deg f. Kyle recomended the use of a PWM for a continuous run. It does make since that you would need 5 units to make enough to run a small engine. The idea of pressurized tank is the only practical way to store enough for accelleration. TM showed a video of a Corvette with 4 tanks in the rear, a NOx tank would work well.
Funning thing is that I have a 5hp engine, 60amp & 120amp GM and a 140amp Ford alternators. The 140amp I removed the rectifier and turned it into a 3 phase generator. Thought is to turn it into a self supporting system that will make its own fuel, supply power to certin home circuts and maintain a battery bank. I tell the friends and family that think Im a nut case, whenn all hell breaks loose look for the house with the lights on, that'll be mine.
As for the name M.S.M.Jr. just my initills LOL nothing creative sad to say. Athough 49er tried to tag me as the Mad Scientist Man. LOL

Growing old is mandatory, Growing up......optional.
He is wise who gains wisdom from another's mishaps.
—Plutius Syrus
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Posted - March 10 2013 :  14:46:23  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi all, just tried for a week to give away my work on the CEF cult-site (Church of Energetic Forum), and it seems like a bit of a nightmare if there is any real experimenters left over there.
I also tried Heretic Builders, too, which was more moderated - but - honestly, too many jack-asses are turning me off to the "helping others" thing.

My Stan Meyer device was replicated back in June 20th, 2011. But, because I am living in the most conservative, oil-rich part of the US (North Dakota), even the state-funded colleges won't show their students.

I just tested my GEGENE machine for the first time yesterday, also. My input from the wall was 360 watts, and I lit a 4 count of 500 watt halogens (2000 watts total). No videos yet, but all Stan Meyer work I did can be found at the link below. It includes a Scarecrow interview, my circuit .PDF file, and an article about my banning from NDSU (which includes 7 movies - some showing Stan's resonant signal).

You must be logged in to see this link.
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